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Lighting Ceremony
by Chris Wilbeck

Oct 2010

The Council Fire at Camp Coyote was done. It was time to light a fire and officially bring it to life. Our last campers of the season - the Young and Cozad gang - just happened to be the first campers who stayed at Camp Coyote before it was officially open. Who better to help us initiate the ring?  A full-circle moment ~ we thought.

The night was just cool enough to warrant a good fire-sitting evening.  Along with neighbors Carol and Allan Sieck and Mary Ann, Paul and Carol Miller, we gathered around the wood-stacked, rock-rimmed ring.  Kevin said a few words and then started the blaze. Then all settled into the newly installed log benches and enjoyed a fire side chat.
Kevin lights the first fire.
Linda Young (standing) with Alice Cozad, Sammy, Nick and Cara.
The Millers - Paul, Mary Ann and Carol (standing).
Relaxing around the fire.

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