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Business Spotlight - Country-tough furniture
2008.poolbintable2008.jpgWhen we moved to the country, one thing we learned was that the weather always seems more severe out here.  The sun and rain always seem more intense.  Maybe it's because the wide-open spaces allow you to experience the full extent of what Mother Nature delivers.

Our friends, Roger and Colleen Norgren of Rippey, told us about "Tailwind Furniture," weather-proof furniture made of recycle plastic bottles (milk containers).  Of course, we love anything that is good for the environment.  Another plus is that it holds up to country weather and never needs to be re-painted (Kevin loves that idea).  And, since the Norgrens are distributors, we had to check it out.

I honestly couldn't believe it when I saw the furniture.  The pieces look like wood (no kidding ... and we know a lot about wood) and are super solid (the table shown weighs 85 lbs!).  The dining set they loaned us (their own personal set) is 8 years old and looks like new.  Now that's country-tough!

Tailwind dinigh table and chairs shown in front of our Pool Bin.
For more information about styles, colors and prices, contact the Norgrens at 515-436-7479 or 515-491-3477.

Neighborhood Happening - Sunbonnet Sue Unveiled

Who says you can't find unusual things to do in the country? When neighbor Jean McElheney announced her barn quilt unveiling, we knew we had to be there.

On a Sunday June 1, 2008, more than 40 neighbors and friends gathered to watch Jean unveil her newly installed barn quilt, Sunbonnet Sue.
  Jean painted the 8' x 8' square that was hoisted up by neighbor Allan Sieck's hydraulic lift.  The day of the unveiling, neighbors were treated to cool drinks and frosted sugar cookies cut in the shape of - you guessed it - Sunbonnet Sue. 

Larry Lepke, owner of Hydro Service who sponsored the quilt, officiated the unveiling.  Daughter Phyllis and grandson Matthew helped stage the event. Accompanied by Lepke, who is also Jean's son-in-law, Jean was then raised in the lift to sign her painting!

Jean (center) in front of Sunbonnet Sue. Pictured behind her from left to right, family who helped stage the event:  Larry, Matthew and Phyllis Lepke.

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