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by Chris Wilbeck

Sept 2010

As Kevin wrote on our Farmhouse Life Facebook page:

"Our barn as a metaphor for life - You sometimes run through a period when you are seen as dusty, junky, and past-your-prime. Then someone is inspired by your greatness, cleans you up, and compliments your best features.  Suddenly you look good, feel good, and are ready to inspire others. I think you have to be at least 40 years old to understand."

Kevin has transformed the barn.  He spent several days powerwashing the inside, revealing some nice wood that was formally covered with years of grit and grime. There is now a stage - complete with spot lights.  The newly installed stage floor was built using old corn crib wood purchased from Scranton friend Brett Wailes.  The blue overhead stage awning was a former boat dock cover donated from neighbors Allan & Carol Sieck.  A glass-faced entrance door (retrieved before the house across the road was torn down, with permission granted from neighbors Mary Ann & Paul Miller) was added and painted Camp Coyote red.  A green awning over the door has been installed - another cast-off donation from the Siecks - as are the white wicker welcome chairs placed nearby. 

I guess you can say it was transformed with a lot of sweat equity and a little help and generosity from our friends.

It is now ready for its debut at IRR's RIVERS ROCK! Dinner & Music Fest.  At least 50 years old, it is ready to inspire. 

Kevin powerwashing the walls.

Barn stage before the floor is installed.

Kevin showing RIVERS ROCK! event planners the new black spot lights hung overhead.
From left:  Chris Henning, Robin Fortney, Kevin and Jerry Peckumn.

The new stage with spotlights "on" and blue overhead awning.
Irish flag hanging on back wall is a tribute to event-loving Irishman Joe McDermott.

Prime seating - stage right.
P.S. No, that yellow make-shift table with chairs is not for American Idol judges!

Jacob's addition: New direction signs on a barn pole.
This one points towards the stage where the "rock and roll band" will perform.

A place for guests to pen their "river thoughts" ...

A spot outside just for kids.

New entrance door made from a reclaimed door.
Recycled awing installed.  Repainted wicker chairs placed nearby.

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