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by Chris Wilbeck

August 2010

Kevin has used a lot of reclaimed wood from our farm place for all our projects at Farmhouse Life.  But, sometimes he runs out of the "right kind of wood" for a particular project. 

Right now, he is in the process of building a stage in our Big White Barn for the upcoming "RIVERS ROCK" music fest on Sat Sept 11.  He was able to build the frame for the stage with the wood already on hand.  But, he needed some longer pieces.  Fortunately, friend and Scranton neighbor, Brett Wailes, had exactly the right kind of wood for the project. 

So, Kevin, Jacob and I paid the Wailes a visit to get "more wood."  Brett loaded our truck with rough cut 1" x 6" corncrib alleyway wood (wood from the interior walls of a corncrib).  He estimates that the wood we bought is from an old corncrib built between 1920-1930.  That's old, wonderful wood perfect for the stage in our barn. 

Brett has a lot more wood to sell from the corncribs he's dismantled.  If you need "more wood," give Brett a call (515-370-3658).  I'm sure he'll be happy to give you a good price and load up your truck.

Framed barn stage.  Needs more wood.

loading.jpg measurewood.jpg
Brett and Kevin load the wood.  Brett's wife, Andrea, helps measure.

Loaded and ready to go.

Wailes children, Kristen (5), Austin (11) and Nathan (7) take Jacob to the top of some hay bales nearby.

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