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Ella - always thinking and in  "creation" mode.

Ella Shively is a budding poet and environmentalist ... and she is only 11 yrs old.  She is our niece and always amazes us with her intuative thoughts about nature and our planet.  She lives in La Crosse WI with parents Kim and Josh, younger sister Ava and Mason (their dog).  

We were talking with family about the upcoming Iowa Rivers Revival "RIVERS ROCK!  River Float & Music Fest" scheduled for Sat Sept 11.  The "Music Fest" portion will be in our Big White Barn.  The "River Float" portion will be on the nearby Raccoon River.  Ella was interested and offered to write a poem about the Raccoon River.  Of course, we accepted her offer!  Below is her beautiful poem.

Raccoon River
by Ella Shively

Waters of indigo,
Glinting under the bright sun.
Waters of indigo,
Bringing us joy.
Where we float on the surface like water bugs,
Or swim with the bottom-feeders down deep,
Or run, laughing,
Along the banks of the waters of indigo.
Waters of indigo,
There I will play,
Clean, healthy, strong waters of indigo,
Let's keep it that way.

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