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Frederick Rodney Wilbeck Memorial Bunkhouse
by Kevin Wilbeck
July 2010

The Bunkhouse at Camp Coyote is dedicated to the memory of my dad, Rod.  He was known to everyone as Rod, but his given name was actually Frederick, leading to the speculation that he was involved in some sort of witness protection program.  The Bunkhouse is a culmination of a number of things he taught me.  He taught me common sense, how to camp, the gift of recycled materials, the pride of good craftsmanship, and the best one of all:  "Don't stand around.  If you are not doing anything, look for something to do!"

Dad began his career as an instrumental music teacher, later becoming a school principal an finally a school superintendent.  In 1995, he achieved the Runner-Up Honor to the Top Superintendent in the state of Iowa.  He was consistently recognized as one of Iowa's top five superintendents throughout his career.

Dad loved fishing.  He also loved Iowa, but remained a dedicated Nebraska Cornhusker fan his entire life.  When you are born in Nebraska, your blood runs just a little more red than most. 

He succumbed to a two year battle with ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) on November 14, 2001.  Three days prior to his passing, Chris and I viewed this farm place for the first time.  On our drive back to Chicago, we began our plans to return to our home state of Iowa.

We hope you enjoy The Bunkhouse, as much as I know my Dad would have enjoyed it!

Rod fishing. 

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