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20.FA.fresh.movie.show.jpgClick here to read Potluck & Movie in the Barn - A "FRESH" Event

A.young.gang.jpgClick here to read I Camped at Camp Coyote.

A2.solarpanelbin.jpgClick here to read Solar Heat for the Pool.

fred.keys2.jpgClick here to read Welcome Fred.

bunkbed.JPGClick here to read Bunk Bed in the Bunkhouse.

06.hamburgers.2008.9.30.laborday014.jpgClick here to read All Smiles at Camp Coyote.

teambat.instructions.jpgClick here to read Team Bat's Stay.

2.2007.11milkhouseoff.002.jpgClick here to read Milkhouse Move.

2007.6.16.movetheshed013.jpgClick here to read Move the Shed.

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