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All Smiles at Camp Coyote
by Chris Wilbeck

Labor Day, grilling and family fun just seem to go together. So, we invited family over to give some of the basics of Camp Coyote a trial run. 

Since we're
not yet open for business, not all of our amenities are in place.  But my mom, Barb McDermott (from Des Moines), sister Diana (McDermott) Doherty and girls Maddie, Brooke and Grace (from Johnston), and brother Mike McDermott, wife Jill, and kids Matt, Luke and Maya (from Johnston) were all eager and willing "testers." 

We grilled hamburgers, chicken and hot dogs directly over the fire grid with wire baskets and prongs. Packed the mess shed with a big jug of pink lemonade and dinner that included baked beans, Asian-styled coleslaw, fruit salsa on tortillas, plenty of chips and chocolate brownies.  We later roasted marshmallows for the mandatory s'mores, sat around the fire ring telling old jokes and family stories, and gazed in awe at the blackness of the night sky dotted with thousands of stars. 

Then it was off to bed to The Bunkhouse and tents.  We fell asleep to the sounds of the country.  In the middle of the night, we even heard coyotes yelping from afar.

At the end of the day, they gave Camp Coyote a McDermott-family stamp of approval.

 The Bunkhouse gets a "thumbs up."

See more photos below.

Sitting around the fire before dinner is served.

Hammock testing ...  

A competitive game of horseshoes between cousins.

On the grill and charred to perfection - hamburgers, chicken and hot dogs.

A "smiley" girl with her "smiley" hamburger bun.

An ever-changing array of super heroes are always present at Farmhouse Life.
Two showed up for dinner. 

Eating and relaxing by the fire. 

Nothing beats an ooey-gooey s'more!

Cousins check out The Bunkhouse.  With flashlights in hand, they are ready for night-time exploring.  Interior work is still underway, but the building was ready for cots and kids.  Permanent bunks are planned for the future.

The next morning, the women of the camp pose for a photo in Camp Coyote's new tent.  It is big enough to hold four with a queen-sized blow-up mattress and two kid's sleeping bads. 

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