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Chris talks about FRONT PORCH DINNERS
The first year we lived here, we got our first taste of the pleasures of front porch dinners in the country.  There is just something wonderful about sitting on your porch, seeing a magnificent view and eating a special meal with special friends.  We try to do it as often as possible, but lately, life has gotten in the way. 

That is why we recently jumped at the chance to invite a few friends out to enjoy this special treat with us, along with some Pool Bin swimming and Camp Coyote zip-lining.  Each dinner was special in its own way - seasoned with the unique personalities of our guests!

The Shannons from Jefferson
Karen Shannon was Jacob's daycare provider for the last three years.  Jacob will be attending kindergarten this Fall and this week was his last week with Karen and his daycare family.  As a small token of our gratitude for her kindness and loving care of Jacob, we invited Karen, her husband Allen and daughters Olivia and Sadie out to the farm for a front porch dinner.

The evening starts with fun in The Pool Bin.  Pictured with Karen from left:  Jacob, Sadie and Olivia.

Olivia gets the hang of swinging on the pool rope ...

... and then masters the zip-line!

We end the day with dinner on the front porch, accompanied by a cool breeze.  Seated around the table from left:  Jacob, Kevin, Sadie, Allen, Olivia and Karen.
The Hanamans from Rippey
Dale and Nancy (formerly Bardole and a native of Rippey) Hanaman recently moved to Rippey from Wisconsin.  Their daughter Sarah, son-in-law Benji, and grandkids Steven (7 yrs), Elizabeth (5 yrs) and Andrea (18 mos) were in town for a visit.  The kids were just the right age to enjoy the pool and zip-line, so we invited them all over for dinner and fun.

Seated at the table from left:  Jacob, Steven, Nancy, Benji, Sarah, Andrea, Kevin, Dale and Elizabeth.

After dinner, Kevin hitches the wagon to the tractor and takes the crew out to Camp Coyote.

While Steven and Jacob howl at the moon like coyotes ...

... Elizabeth checks it out with a telescope.

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