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Chris talks about TWISTER MOVIE SITE in Rippey
It's old news for folks in Greene County, but once I learned that Rippey was a movie site in "TWISTER," I just couldn't stop talking about it! 

The 1996 Warner Bros. and Steven Spielberg movie was filmed in parts of Greene County (as well as in Oklahoma).  I first learned about it, when I saw the framed movie poster in the county courthouse in Jefferson.  I became more interested in our county's role in the film, when our Rippey librarian, Toni Roberts, told me that a scene was filmed on the very road that brings folks East into Rippey! 

Remember when the film's stars - Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt - are in a truck and they drive through a house that rolls onto a road?  That scene was shot on E57 facing East towards the Heartland Co-Op towers in Rippey.  Below is the best photo I could take to show the scene.
"Twister" movie site - E57 going East into Rippey.  See the Co-Op towers at the end of the road?  You can see the towers in the movie, although now there is a bridge that connects the two towers.

It's time for me to check the local paper archives for the story behind the filming.  But, if you lived in Greene County at the time the movie was filmed and have photos or recollections of the filming, let me know.  I'd love to write more about it.  Click here to get to the production notes on the movie's official website.

Don't you think we should have a road sign telling folks that this was a "Twister" movie site?

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