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The Pool Bin housed a 12' wide, 3' deep above-ground pool.  A cool dip in the pool on a hot summer day after biking was a special treat. a9c.pool.umbrella.JPG a7.pool.lantern.JPG a3.pool.lobster.JPG

INSIDE THE POOL BIN a1.pool.4.chairs.JPG
a2.pool.dolphin.JPG a8.pool.rules2.JPG



Click here to read how we heated the pool with solar heat.

See The Pool Bin Story below.

The Pool Bin was a former grain bin that sits next to our corn crib.  The original pool inside was a donation from the Roeckers of Denison (Kevin's sister Kris and her family). 

"Korn Belt King"
The bin was a "Bulter" and apparently the "Korn Belt King."  The screen door was added and was another donation ... this one from our neighbors Carol and Allan Sieck.  They asked Kevin to come down to their place to "look over a few things they were throwing out," to see if he could use anything.  Of course he could!  So, the screen (along with a truckload of chairs and an old '70's fireplace) arrived at our place and was immediately put to good use ...

Waiting for Water
Kevin stands in front of the completed Pool Bin.  The pool inside is about to be filled with water.

Fill 'er up
Kevin and Jacob fill up the 12 ft diameter x 3 ft deep pool (inside) with water hauled from the Rippey water tower.  It only cost a quarter for 60 gallons, but it took 7 trips to the tower to fill the 1500 gallon pool. 

Test, Swing, In!
Jacob couldn't wait to try it out.  He tentatively gives the water a "toe test," then swings out into it with the rope Kevin secured at the top of the bin.  It was still REALLY cold, but we think his smile says it all!  Note: The pool's rope swing is no longer available. 



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