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The Playhouse lived at Camp Coyote and housed all the play stuff needed for the camp.

6a.CAMPCOYOTE.playhousefront.jpg A.playhouse.inside.JPG 6b.CAMPCOYOte.playhoueback.jpg

The building was another donation from a neighbor.  Given to us by neighbor Jean McElheney, the playhouse was a former ... playhouse!  Her three now-grown daughters - Phyllis and twins Marilyn and Karilyn - played in it when they were young.  When we got it, the interior walls were covered in bird wallpaper.

The Playhouse Before

Kevin was so anxious to get started on it, we didn't get a photo before he removed the front of the building!

The Playhouse After

Kevin added a taller curved front door and the two little windows up front. He also added siding and boards for a "board and batten" look.  Here it sits before it is moved to Camp Coyote.

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