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Kevin thinks that it was probably the "shortest parade ever in Greene County," when we moved a shed across the street from our neighbor's place to ours.  More than 30 friends and neighbors gathered to watch the move and enjoy brunch at our "Move the Shed" event held in June, 2007.

It all started when our neighbors, Mary Ann and Paul Miller, asked if we were interested in any of the outbuildings on their family's homestead (the Young family's century farm).  They were planning to tear them down, along with the house, to make room for a new home.  Kevin said, "Sure."  Now, that small old grain shed is The Bunkhouse which is almost ready for its final move to Camp Coyote.

Once Kevin decided that the building could be moved, it took a few weekends to brace it so that it wouldn't fall apart.  Then, in the spirit of my Dad, Joe McDermott, I decided that we needed to make the whole move an event.

Kevin checks to make sure the "shed" is braced and ready to go before it is moved off its former site with the Farmall C. 
A BIG truck was then used to pull the shed down the road to our house.

See the events of that day!

The "shed" makes the turn out of the Miller's driveway, pulled by our neighbor's BIG white truck

The parade in progress on its short trip to our house.

Kira Ahart of Des Moines leads in her Mini Cooper.
Niece Brooke Roecker of Denison rides along and gives a "homecoming" wave.

No parade is complete without a kid on a bike. Ian Carter, from Coon Rapids, rolls by next.

Neighbor Allan Sieck of Rippey pulls the shed in his BIG white truck.

Kevin rides on top.

Mike Carter, from Coon Rapids, jumps on board for a ride.

The shed pulls into our drive.

Friends and neighbors follow.
Pictured are Dale Morse of Rippey, Joan Murray of Jefferson and Deb Carter of Coon Rapids.

Brunch is setup inside the house. Nancy Teusch of Jefferson makes her selection.

Neighbors chat in line. Shown left to right: Colleen Norgren, Sharon Ulrich, Virgene Morse and 
Carol Sieck of Rippey with Mary Ann Miller of Perry.

Tables are setup out front. Shown left to right:  Kris Roecker of Denison, Joe and Joan Murray of Jefferson, Kira Ahart of Des Moines and Beth Teusch of Jefferson.

Rippey neighbors catch up.  Shown left to right: Dale and Virgene Morse, Sharon Ulrich, Colleen and Roger Norgren and Dennis Ulrich.

Eating on the porch, left to right:  Mary Ann Miller of Perry, Linda Young of Brookfield IL
and Jean McElheney of Rippey.

Relaxing on the lawn. Pictured left to right:  Alice Cozad of Brookfield IL, Carol Miller of West Des Moines, and Sue Perez from Le Grange IL. Baby Sam Perez takes a nap.

The kids get a cool drink.

The Young family stands in front of their donation. Pictured left to right: 
Linda Young and friend Alice Cozad stand behind Nick and Cara Perez, Mary Ann Miller, Sue (with baby Sam) and Carlos Perez, Carol Miller.

Kris and Brooke Roecker, Jan Wilbeck (Kevin's mom) and Kira Ahart and Bailey Roecker pose for a family photo. The shed will be dedicated to Rod Wilbeck, Kevin's father.
Us in front of the shed before ... The shed transformed into The Bunkhouse.
It now waits for its final move to Camp Coyote.

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